Monday, November 29, 2010

Treating Kids Like Adults... What's the Big Deal?

Why do adults tend to treat children differently than other adults?  

Open question to the followers... please comment.  Feel free to comment on your own experiences or other experiences you've observed. 


  1. Kids are trying to learn who they are and always testing limits and boundries. Most adults know (or should know) what is acceptable and what is out of line. You can't treat kids like adults in all aspects because they are learning and the adults hopefully are teaching. Every child has a different personallity which I'm sure you know. Some may be able to handle it and some would not. My oldest girl seems to be able to handle the adult boy....well no.

  2. Studies show treating kids like adults has a better impact on learning than the opposite,

  3. Seems to me that most adults approach children as if they're less capable and less interested in using their experiences to make intelligent decisions about how to act in life. As a result, I think too many adults make decisions without seriously considering (and sometimes without even consulting) kids' perspectives.

    While I understand why many adults are prone to discount kids' opinions, I do think it's incredible important to listen to them when making decisions about their future. It would not surprise me at all if Chad was right about those studies.